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Lakeview Cabin

2013-11-11 15:43:57 by jac16king

There's a key in the outhouse bathroom. To get it, get a log of wood(not a stick) inside, then chop it with an axe and the key drops. This opens the building to the left, which contains a bottle of alcohol, shotgun shells, and a gas can.You can make the bear trap drop by throwing any item on it, or carrying a large item over it. The shotgun in the house drops by throwing a log of wood at it, or chopping the log under it.
As for the awards, the 'burn all the buildings' one was a b1tch, took me a lot of tries to get everything right (hint:you can light a stove and burn the building it's in by throwing 4 sticks in there, the alcohol and gas cans are flammable, and you can use the shotgun to light them, leave the outhouse bathroom for last, because you have to kill yourself there to burn the building, since there's no room for you to escape the fire).
The sauna was simple, remove your clothes outside it, light the stove inside with a stick, throw a bucket of water at it to get steam, and sit on the bench inside.
For the deer, go close to it, when it runs away, throw a bear trap in it's path(ahead of where it usually stands), move away. The deer will return and get trapped. Then use an axe/shotgun to finish it off. Pick up the meat, take it to a house with a stove. Light the stove on fire by throwing a stick on it, and throw the deer meat in it. Pick up any of the cooked meat bits and eat it with 'X'.
For the lawnmower, start it up, immediately go to the left until the leftmost weeds and then go to the right. When the lawnmower stops, get a gas can and drop the gas can onto the lawnmower. Start it up again and continue right, until the last weeds are mowed.
As for the woman and the spawn, there are multiple ways to get rid of both.
Woman hints: Electrocution(chop the generator with an axe/lawnmower, and throw a bucket of water on it right when the woman is touching it), bear trap+axe, shotgun+axe.
Spawn hints: It can be picked up with Z, and thrown with X, but don't take too long. The most reliable way way to kill it is keep a stick ready inside any house with a stove. If the spawn comes too close to you while you're going to the house, pick it up and throw it away from you. Enter the house, quickly light the stove with the stick, when the spawn enters, pick it up and throw it into the fire. Another way is quickly start the lawnmower up and ride it over the spawn, but this needs perfect timing, and you have to start it up quickly before the spawn gets to you. Last way is get a bear trap onto the ground, throw it somewhere to activate it, pick up the spawn and throw it onto the bear trap. This requires perfect aim though, because it won't work if the spawn just moves over it, it has to land right on it.
By the way, you can stare at naked women by getting the binoculars from one of the boxes, going to the far left dock, and using it. There are some frolicking, naked beach goers you can see there. Y'know, if staring at pixellated boobs is your thing.


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2014-05-27 00:20:11

Thank you very much! I couldn't understand this game very well until now.
It is always helpful to know something from another's experience, in order to help yourself solve your troubles!
Thank you again; all I wanted since my first play was to kill the damn thing. Now I enjoy very much doing so!